Friday, September 7, 2012

New development: State and Harrison

There is a new development in Chicago's South Loop on the corner of State and Harrison.  It is a high school.  Replacing the old Jones prep school.  I don't know the finer points of Chicago's education system or why a high school sits next to a subway stop, one of Chicago's 21 subway stations.  But here it is.  Possibly being centrally located is important for a magnate school that brings in students from across the city, but I don't really know.

On the map circled in red.

Across the street is an open lot parking facility and you can see the elevated green line tracks behind.

This too seems like a suboptimal use of space.  Chicago has plenty of vacant lots next to L stations in less densely developed neighborhoods further from downtown that could be made into parking lots for park and ride.  This lot is so close to downtown that one might not even ride.  Just park.


  1. The new Jones HS is at State & Polk, not State & Harrison. It's a competitive enrollment school, so students from all over the city arrive by subway. The surface parking lot had been sold to YMCA-USA for a new headquarters a few years back, but they've recently sold it to investors. Eventually it will become a couple of residential towers.

  2. Thank you for the information, it makes sense now.