Thursday, January 12, 2012

A streetview of emptiness

I have been extremely busy and unable to go on foot and take some pictures of some neighborhoods I am studying, so google will have to suffice.  Here is a street view of the neighborhood near Lake and Kedzie.

As you can see this is a neighborhood with high transit accessability, and yet the areas near the station has been almost completely demolished.

This area is the Garfield Park neighborhood, which you may remember from a previous post was a hot spot for violent crime.

This image is from 2009.  Unfortunately I haven't been out there to take 2012 pictures but I know that this neighborhood has seen a few more building razed over the last year and a half.  An interesting question is:  is this policy effective at combating violent crime?

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  1. I'm admitting that I didn't realize tearing down buildings was a way to combat crime. But now that I think about it a little more (how buildings are probably reported as abandoned and then torn down), I see why. If a building is abandoned it's assumed people will use it to do "bad" things like sell drugs or pimp prostitutes.

    Or maybe the buildings are town down because they're really ugly.