Friday, January 6, 2012

Chicago then and now: The Blues Brothers and the South Loop

For your viewing pleasure, clips of the classic film The Blues Brothers that were filmed in and around Chicago juxatposed with their current real world locations.

Additionally, there is a web site which has the Blues Brothers locations.

Interestingly, I was able to deduce that the current Harold Washington library on the corner of State and Van Buren was once the seedy men's only hotel area featured in the film.

I can't tell if this is looking east or west.  Here it is today looking west.

The station at this intersection is new.  The hotel was either where the park is on the north side of Van Buren or where the library stands on the south side of Van Buren.

Interestingly enough, this seedy side of the South Loop still exists.


Note the men's only hotel and the pawn shop, practically a mirror image for the scenery in the Blues Brothers.  This is looking north along Clark, about 2 blocks from where Elwood lived.  The station in the background is the La Salle and Van Buren station.


  1. The Plymouth Hotel was also where Kirk Douglas' character stayed in the movie, "The Fury."

  2. The "Plymouth Hotel" where Elwood lived in the movie was on the park side (right side of the picture, called Pritzker Park now). If you look closely in the film, you can see that the shot is facing west with the Fisher Building (orange-y building behind the green metal awning) in the background.