Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Redevelopment: from parking garage to high rise

On the corner of State and Congress in Chicago's Loop is the historic Leiter Building.  First we shall examine a photograph of the building looking north along State St at the intersection of Congress Pkwy.  As you can see in this historic photograph, a parking garage was once next door.


Today a mixed use high rise is where the garage once was.


And a profile view of the new building.


As you can see there are retail stores on the ground floor with space above for residential space or office space.  I believe this is mixed use residential.  If you know for sure please let me know.  There is no ground level parking, however this building does have some parking garage space between the ground floor retail space and the space above. 

First I'd like to comment on the Leiter Building, and how it is an example of repurposing of an old structure.  The Sears store was turned into an education building.  Second, the new building is an example of this block increasing density for either residents or workers.  Unfortunately I have yet to turn up information on the parking garage; when it was built or what was there before the garage.

And here it is on the map.

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